Gurney Water Treatment NE

Gurney Water Treatment NE provides industrial and commercial water treatment services for boilers, HVAC systems, and process cooling and heating systems.

Founded in 1955 as Gurney Engineering Corporation, Gurney Water Treatment NE has extensive experience in designing and maintaining effective treatment programs for process and comfort cooling and heating systems, power generation systems, and potable water systems. We offer integrated water treatment programs using the most current technology and the best available equipment and treatment products together with effective training of operating personnel.

Adding to our strength and allowing us to focus our efforts as field application engineers is our affiliation with Eastern Technologies, Inc. Eastern Technologies provides advanced treatment products, extensive technical support and full laboratory services for a network of over thirty independent distributors/partners, both domestic and international.

Gurney currently provides services, products, and equipment to more than 400 customers and 2,000 facilities. These range from manufacturing (heavy machinery, machine components, plastics, glass products, concrete products, etc.) to commercial properties (office facilities, recreational facilities, apartments, and condominiums) to institutional facilities (hospitals, colleges, and schools). We service throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, northern Connecticut, southern New Hampshire, and southwestern Maine.

Gurney is a member of the Association of Water Technologies and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers.