A special note of thanks from Joel Charity

Hello All..
It was great to see all of you that came to the "Rock for Rollin" benefit... Many people put a lot of time and effort into making this benefit a success and I can't thank you enough.
There were many people that donated to the benefit..and didn't go..oh by the way..you missed a heck of a party..I would also like to thank these people as well. Thanks to the bands Back Lash and Spit Shine for putting on two incredible sets of music. A big thanks to Alpha Sound; Tom,Joe and Bill. You guys rock.
Also...to my friends in Mass Octane and their beautiful wives. Thanks so much for your support and understanding during my recovery..love you guys.
You know when you have a lot to time to think and reflect on things...and believe me I have..you think of what you could've done different..where do you go from here..the good..the bad..the ugly. You question all questions..but I'll never question the community in which my family lives in..at the benefit I saw high school teachers, my High School Athletic Director, Elementary, Middle and High School classmates. Firemen, policemen, parents of children I coach/coached, KIDS I currently coach,friends new and old. It is a great feeling to have all your support during our time of recovery..

Thanks again for your support and generosity
Take care and hope to see you soon

Joel,Kim,Elizabeth and Jacob Charity