Attitudes Are Contagious

Mass Youth Soccer has developed and produced an outstanding video focusing on the issues of sideline behavior of adults, and specifically on how that behavior is affecting the retention of qualified referees.

Featuring actual game footage shot during league games and at tournaments, the video shows adults being themselves – their comments, actions and antics along the sidelines. You will hear referees talk about how the sideline behavior of adults affect them, and the impact the comments can have on matches. More importantly you will hear from the players themselves – what they think of the comments from the sidelines. Players ranging from age 11 to age 17 were interviewed and provide suggestions. The player's comments, like those made by Jordan (age 11) prove to be particularly insightful.

Parent behavior along the sideline is shown in a constructive fashion. It's easy to see how involved adults become and how easy it is to slip over the line from being supportive to being critical.

The video highlights several very simple steps to improve the situation along the sideline. We all want to ensure our children have a positive, fun experience playing the game. This video goes a long way to help encourage that. The video is appropriate for viewing by coaches, players AND parents of teams at all age groups.

There are two parts to this great video series and they are below. (Part 1) (Part 2)