Coaching the Practice

When introducing practice, make sure you've scaled it to your group. Make sure it is appropriate for the age. U10 boys can not drive balls 40 yards in the air, so crossing attack at U10 should finish on the ground, there will not be any lofted balls to the far post from the opposite touch-line.
Get to action within about 20 seconds. Introduce and start.
Gather team in semi-circle, step back a step, state your topic. Go.
At all costs, avoid taking 10 minutes to set up cones and don bibs.
Don't share common grid boundaries
Don't talk every minute of the practice. Let them play.
Look for your coaching points in play, freeze action, make one point.
Keep corrections short. Encourage, correct, encourage, restart.
Keep moving to good positions to observe.
Coach the group doing your topic, not their opponents. For example, in teaching shooting, coach the shooters, not the defenders.
Coach in sequence, first things first. Teach in a progression.
Keep it moving - move on to the next stage when you get success.
Adjust the space or conditions if you are not getting success.
Compliment good play.
Incorporate all the elements in your practice for efficiency.
Show is better than Talk, and Do is better than Show.
Get right into your topic. If it's 4v4 defending, don't start 1v1.
Use neutral players when you need to give one side numbers up.
Recognize when to rest. It is better to work for 5 minutes at full intensity than it is to drag on for 25 minutes at low intensity. Matches can't be played at low intensity, so work towards longer periods of high intensity play.
Relax, smile, and have fun. Your demeanor should say "this is cool".
Take it to the game. Get to a game at the end to see your topic played.