Purpose and Mission:

Formed for the benefit of all Sutton youth.
The purpose of SYS is to promote and enhance the game of soccer for the youth of Sutton. For purposes of organization, SYS shall be affiliated with and comply with the soccer program in Massachusetts as defined by the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association, Inc. (MYSA) and the United States Youth Soccer Association, Inc. (USYSA) or their successor organizations.

The mission of SYS will be:

To provide all Sutton youth that want to play soccer the opportunity to play, while also providing an intensely satisfying experience.

Team play and discipline:
• Exemplary conduct on and off the playing field
• Clean, skillful, honest and sportsmanlike soccer
• That each player must train, play and behave as winners
• Stress "playing hard to win", over winning itself.
•Prepare the youth to meet the challenges of soccer, as well as life, by teaching them.

The goal of the Board of Directors, coaches, assistant coaches, team managers and families, is to ensure the SYS mission is followed at all times.

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